Gentleman Jigger: A Novel of the Harlem Renaissance by Richard Bruce Nugent

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Da Capo Press | 2008 | softcover


An important addition to the literature of the period, Gentleman Jigger is the story of two brothers. Aeon, who passes for white and becomes a famous poet, faces the conundrums of love across the color line. Stuartt, who is openly homosexual-as was the author-joins the younger intellectuals of Harlem in defying authority figures, both black and white, at the notorious Niggeratti Manor. After the group disperses, Stuartt moves to Greenwich Village and becomes sexually involved with a young hoodlum. Charming and audacious, Stuartt eventually seduces one of the gangster's top bosses, Orini, before his friendships with Wayne, a young heiress, and Bebe, Orini's moll, set them all spinning in a whirlwind of jazz-age glamour and celebrity...that ends in an ironic dénouement.