Martin Puryear iSi Museum of Modern Art Pan Scraper

Martin Puryear iSi Museum of Modern Art Pan Scraper

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This Pan Scraper accompanies a major 2007-08 exhibition of Puryear's work at The Museum of Modern Art.

The ergonomic shape of the handle makes it comfortable and easy to grip, while the 360-degree rotational blade can be easily disassembled for cleaning.

This simple yet effective tool for the kitchen draws on the utility of the woodworking tools essential to Puryear's sculpture.

The pan scraper, center, grew out of his penchant for removing encrusted food from dishes with a nylon disc; he created one with a swiveling handle. Mr. Puryear said he often modifies objects to make them more functional or pleasing, going so far as to replace the metal legs on a Saarinen womb chair with wooden ones. “It’s sacrilegious, I know,” he said. 

The Pan Scraper's nylon blade scrapes effectively yet will not harm nonstick pans.

The blade and ergonomic handle rotate in an infinite number of positions.

Downward pressure secures it at the desired orientation during use.

Nylon and stainless steel | 3.5 x 6.25 x 2.25 inches | 2 in stock; 1 package was previously opened but is intact