Carved PVC bracelets, Namibia, 1980s

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Two matching cuffs carved from repurposed PVC pipe | 3 inches height | flexible

Retired water pipes are collected from landfill, trash, farms, and water systems. Even in the most remote regions of Namibia, water pipe is found in small communities. These pipes become objects of beauty in the hands of Namibian artisans, who hand cut, smooth and polish the pipe before designs are then cut into the plastic, and lightly heated to form the bracelets’ shape. Their intricate carving techniques ransform utilitarian material into stylish, tribal accessories.

Reminiscent of creamy ivory, these cruelty free cuff bracelets are painted in a ruddy palette that serves as a nod to the rich, red ochre clay worn by the women of the Himba tribe. Handcrafted in Namibia.