The Mr. Jerry Walker Album

The Mr. Jerry Walker Album "The Fairy Godmother"

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I love them for the covers mostly, but these are complete LP records, and are, of course, comedy gold.

Sold in-store framed or unframed; online sold as LP only

Rudy Ray Moore Presents Mr. Jerry Walker ‎| Kent Records | Date unknown


  • A1 Finger Licking Good
  • A2 Eat Where You Want To
  • A3 Lay Heavy But Not So Deep
  • A4 The Boys Ain't?
  • A5 I'm Coming
  • A6 Good Year Did
  • A7 Put Your Weight On It
  • B1 Stop It Joe
  • B2 Let's Take It Upstairs
  • B3 I Live The Life I Love Because I Love The Life I Live