Richard Pryor Meets Richard & Willie and...The SLA!!

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I love them for the covers mostly, but these are complete LP records, and are, of course, comedy gold.

Sold in-store framed or unframed; online sold as LP only

1976 ‎| Laff Records LP | Sealed


A1 L.A. Niggers
A2 Sex Organs
A3 30 Years For Missing
A4 Gettin Some
A5 Nixon
A6 Douche Powder
A7 Toilet Tissue -- Brand X -Brand B
A8 Cops
A9 Line-Up
A10 Patricia And S.L.A.
B1 Religion
B2 Black Preachers
B3 Ugly Suckers
B4 White Chicks
B5 White Dudes
B6 Crap Game
B7 Head
B8 Ugly Chick
B9 The Raid
B10 The Nut
B11 Passing Gas