Nkazimlo Earrings by Nomi Handmade

Nkazimlo Earrings by Nomi Handmade

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Featuring a fabric hoop affixed to a stud, the Nkazimlo earrings is a dramatic update of the Nontuthuzelo earring.

Using a wrapping technique in a contrasting thread colour, the shweshwe fabric is manipulated to form an arch, which can also be reshaped into a circle.

The print seen here Nomi Handmade calls polkadot for its red and white spotted pattern.

Lightweight, playful and stunning…

Nkazimlo means heavenly or eternal light in Xhosa.


Nomi Handmade is a Cape Town-based brand that specializes in ready-to-wear shweshwe fabric jewelry. Neckpieces, bracelets and earrings include a variety of thread-wrapping, beading, sewing and decoupage techniques. Made from 100% cotton, each piece is hypoallergenic.In those items where metal findings feature, they are nickel-free.