Ceci n'est pas un jouet by Catherine E. McKinley & Delphine Kohler

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What is Aunty Dei Dei, explicitly? It’s a girl with a passport. Only a few of her admirers know her true story. Far less know that, even if she does not look like it, she is African. She is not a toy. - Catherine E. McKinley.

More than a doll, the Clonette has become an icon, a decorative item that arouses our curiosity when we see it on a shelf. Some collect it, other take pictures. She gathers, creates bonds, share our daily life, inspire artists and designers. Everyone seizes her: she becomes ceramic, wallpaper, travels all over the world, changes color and name.

The book was born from the encounter of Catherine E. McKinley and Delphine Kohler, two Clonette-lovers. Together, they decided to understand and write down the story of this undoubtedly African doll.

The reader will discover the origins of the doll through Catherine's archive documents and Delphine's unexpected photographs. The book pays tribute to Africa: the Clonette, whose heart is blended, is one of its symbols.

12 x 22 cm | 96 pages | printed in France with a softcover | French text only | English excerpt here