A.P. Bedou, Thompkins Dining Hall, Tuskegee Institute, Alabama

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Made in Germany | 3.5 x 5.5 inches |  | divided back unsent offset postcard

Arthur Paul Bedou (1882 – 1966) was a photographer from New Orleans. Self-taught, by 1899 Bedou had begun his photographic career. Bedou was Booker T. Washington's personal photographer for a time, extensively documenting the last decade of Washington's life.

Bedou also documented campus life at the Tuskegee Institute and became its official photographer until shortly after Washington's death. In the 1920s, Bedou opened his own photography studio in New Orleans, where he documented life in New Orleans, especially the city's Black residents, with his photographs often published in both the Louisiana Weekly and the Louisiana Times-Picayune

Upon his death Bedou left much of his fortune to educational institutions, and to his wife, Lillia Bedou, who founded a scholarship in his honor at Xavier University, which holds a collection of around 70 of his photographs.